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The Lollipop Moment

My daughter is in grade seven and just made house captain. She’s thrilled by this honor. Her teachers and peers say she was chosen not for her outstanding popularity or nor her ability to influence others by extroverted behavior. Her most outstanding leadership characteristics have been demonstrated every year since Kindergarten in her ability to take her own initiative and to lead by example.  Today, she showed me this TEDx video that truly resonated with me on the theme of leadership. My daughter is totally inspired by the concept that leadership can take light in the everyday, ordinary world.

It’s in the small stuff where one can make the biggest differences.  Leadership can thereby be found in every individual. It is in the art of these small, lollipop moments that the biggest impacts on people can be made. This is a good challenge for us all to regularly have our lollipop moments by giving them naturally without premeditation or agenda.






Walk the Talk

Business innovator Nilofer Merchant explains…

“Walk and talk. … You’ll be surprised at how fresh air drives fresh thinking.”


I always thought that golf was invented for this reason. Some of the best conversations can be found on the golf course. Not counting all the cursing for missing a good shot, though. Enjoy this brief TED Talk.

Leadership is over-glorified

This short and concise TED Talk video beautifully breaks down the definition of leadership.

Derek Sivers encourages us to have the courage to follow, and show others how to follow.

“The first follower is actually an underestimated form of leadership in itself. … The first follower is what transforms a lone nut into a leader.”

Having a bad day


I can always count on Mike Desjardins from ViRTUS  to give me a smile. He shares the following video with his staff if someone is having a bad day.

The Myth of Work-life Balance

Work to live. Live to work. We’ve heard that before.

Nigel Marsh is the author of “Fat, Forty and Fired” and “Overworked and Underlaid.” In this TED Talk video, Nigel has an interesting approach to the concept of work-life balance, and really gets down to the core of what is really important.

Is Corporate Philanthropy part of your Culture?

Corporate philanthropy has always been a big part of McNeill Nakamoto’s culture. Tonight we are hosting the 6th annual GrapeJuice wine auction & tasting benefiting Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. Big Sisters is our main philanthropic focus, but we continue to support our community as a whole in many different ways.

Many years ago, when we were a young company, we became one of the original participants of the Social Purchasing Portal (SPP). The SPP provides an on-line environment for business-to-business procurement transactions to leverage community economic development activity. This group of businesses, through their procurement policies and buying from the list of SPP suppliers, put social corporate responsibility into practice and create a social value for the community.

When we make decisions about suppliers McNak uses, we look to see if there are other members in the portal. One such member is Mills Basics. They are our office supplier of choice, and this video illustrates the great reasons why. On top of their corporate social responsibility, Mills Basics provides excellent customer service, and as their customer, we certainly appreciate it.

Manage by Wandering Around

Okay managers, time to get out from behind your desk, and start wandering around. When you walk around you learn things but most importantly you get on the same level as the rest of your team by doing this basic step.

Here is a quick video on Tom Peters recounting the day he stumbled onto MBWA.  You might just want to MBWA. Get out from behind your desk. Try it. See how it feels and the results you get.