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Staffing for Canada Week

This week is Staffing for Canada Week.  The annual event is celebrated by members of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services to acknowledge the more than 400,000 people who are employed in the staffing profession in Canada. ACSESS members represent 85 percent of the staffing volume in Canada.

Our office celebrated with a pot luck lunch and then a handful of us went for a nice walk along the seawall in Yaletown. Great way to celebrate with our fun team of recruiters.


Bike to Work Week

It is Bike to Work Week in many North American cities including Vancouver this week. Too bad about the rain. Gear up properly and stay safe out there. Bike to Work

Not only is cycling a healthy and an environmentally-friendly commuting option, you can also enjoy some of the commuter station locations this week while commuting on two wheels. For a map and more details of locations of the stations in Vancouver go to biketoworkmetrovan.ca . Enjoy free refreshments, prizes, bike tune ups on bike routes during the whole week.

More and more,  workplaces have accommodated their employees with biking to work with access to a secure bike rooms, showers, etc.  Perhaps this is something that your workplace has already embraced.

photo credit: Winston Wong

Administrative Professionals Day

Administrative Professionals Week this year is April 21-27, 2013.

Over many decades, the job of an administrative professional has changed dramatically thanks to new tools, and corporate culture itself. Administrators are one of the engines of business,  and Administrative Professionals Day is a great time to observe the importance of administrative professionals in the workplace.

The Vancouver chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) will host their annual breakfast event on Administrative Professionals Day, Wednesday, April 24th at the Vancouver Convention Centre East, Parkview Terrace.

The event runs 7:00am-9:40am.  Elaine Allison, founder of Positive Presentations Plus Inc., is this year’s guest speaker.

The theme of the 2013 Administrative Professionals Week and Day is “Honouring the office professionals who make offices work”. This theme is designed to be inclusive of not only administrative and executive assistants, but also office managers and coordinators, IT specialists, accounting and payroll clerks, and other administrative professionals in your office.

Membership in the International Association of Administrative Professionals is an investment in your future that will increase your knowledge and broaden your experience.  Participating in IAAP will increase your value in the workplace by providing opportunities to learn new skills directly applicable to the office.

If interested in attending the April 24th event, click here to register.

GrapeJuice raises $105,000 for Big Sisters

We are happy to announce that this year’s Grape Juice event at Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver raised over $105,000 for Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

Since 2007, the GrapeJuice wine auction has raised over $349,000 for Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

Special thanks to up and coming recording artist Asha Diaz for performing a couple of songs for the crowd on a beautiful Fazioli piano.

MAC Marketing Solutions and McNeill Nakamoto created Grape Juice to raise much needed funds to facilitate the matching process for over 100 at risk young girls on the Big Sisters waitlist. Big Sisters of BC lower Mainland matches volunteer mentors with young girls who face a multitude of challenges.

A big thank you to all of our generous GrapeJuice sponsors , donors, guests and volunteers!

Enjoy the slideshow below:

Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver presents GRAPEJUICE wine auction


Join founding sponsors  McNeill Nakamoto Recruitment Group and MAC Marketing Solutions for the 6th annual GrapeJuice Wine Auction for Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

“GrapeJuice” is the social wine event and auction tailored for wine aficionados both casual and serious. And most importantly, it’s all for a great cause – Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland.

Once again, GrapeJuice will be a terrific, fun, after work function – it will take place on Thursday, March 7th, 2013 at the gorgeous 3rd floor showroom of Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver between 5:30 and 8:30 pm.

Tickets are $100 (a tax receipt is available for a portion of the ticket price) and attendees will be able to sample top wines from both BC and around the world, and bid on a wide selection of wines. If you are a wine connoisseur or simply enjoy wine and a great social event, then this event will certainly appeal to you!

To purchase tickets complete the online web form. For information on how to donate wine or contribute to Grape Juice contact Jessica Rozitis.

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See you Thursday March 7th at Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver!!!


30 Day Adventures with Marc Smith

On a quest for a fresh start in his career, Marc Smith has created the website 30 Day Adventures , chronicling a new adventure every day in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Followers of the blog suggest adventures that Marc can do. Right now, he is two-thirds of the way through his month long adventure.

In a recent tweet (follow Marc’s adventures at #30DayAdventures) Marc said, “I’m trying to figure out how to make this my career, it’s so fun”.

We asked Marc how he is enjoying his adventure so far.

Marc Smith and Nathan Fong

What got you started on the idea of dropping all other responsibilities in your busy professional life, and launching 30 Day Adventures?

I felt stuck, and I felt that I was in the same spot, doing the same work, getting the same results, achieving the same, same, same. I knew I needed to do something different. I posted on Facebook that ‘I was having a day of being stuck’ and I needed something different to do. I had over 25 responses in under 2 hours – all of them I’d never done before, and it sparked the idea in my head that I’ve lived in Vancouver for 23 years and I had still not achieved the true Vancouver experience because there were so many things I hadn’t done yet. The next thing I know I created a website, launched 30 Day Adventures, and the floodgates of ideas just opened up. People just jumped on the ship, and away it went.

What have you learned about yourself so far?

I have relearned there is nothing I can’t do. I have relearned that I really like who I am. I’ve learned that I’m actually capable of things that I didn’t think I was capable of. I didn’t think I was a photographer, and in fact I’ve said many times, that I’m not a photographer. I think I’ve taken some pretty spectacular shots in the last 20 days. I think being a good photographer is sometimes being at the right place at the right time with the right lighting. I’ve insisted that I’m not a good writer and I still don’t think I’m a great writer, but I think I’m an adequate conversationalist in text form. I’ve learned that at 43 years old, life is not even close to being over. It is actually just beginning for me.

What do you love about what you’re doing right now?

I love the fact that people have gotten excited about this. I love the ideas that people have thrown my way. I’ve loved just the randomness of people contacting me, telling me that this has actually helped them realize that they were stuck and unhappy and they didn’t know it. This has actually inspired them to do something about it. On a personal note, I think one of the most rewarding things about this for me has been the personal emails I’ve been getting from my Mom, telling me how much she’s enjoying reading and living this adventure with me and how proud she is, so that’s been a pretty cool thing.

What has been the highlight adventure so far?

It’s the one that’s going to happen tomorrow. The adventure tomorrow is more exciting than the adventures I’ve done. Everything I’ve done has been great, but who knows what tomorrow brings. Who knows…

Could you see yourself translating one of your adventures into a new career?

I think they’re all translatable. Everything I’ve ever done is relevant to everything I will ever do. There is nothing in my life or my work history that I don’t use in my life and my work today. All of these adventures are translatable. If I never build another website again, chance are I will manage a team that does oversee a website, I now have better insight as to what works and what doesn’t work. There are some things that you learn and some things that you do on a regular basis which resonate more than on other things and you can know them, but actually experiencing that first hand is very powerful.

What do you hope to gain at the end of your 30 Day Adventure?

I hope to gain a renewed sense of purpose. I’ve lost that. The economy, the business, the negative attitude of not myself, but so many other people, just the general malaise that’s hung over the economy in Canada in general has really taken the joy out of creating for me. I’m more energized than I’ve been in a very long time.  I’m really looking forward to taking this energy and doing something with it. And doing something positive and really taking the community that’s become deeper engaged with me and the new folks that have joined and seeing what I can do with it. Seeing what we can create together.

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

What I don’t want to be now. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with money.  And so if you look back at my journal that was kept from kindergarten until grade 8, the line was ‘what does Marc want to be when he grows up’ – It was always, ‘Marc wants to be a millionaire’. The answer today, what I want to be when I grow up – I want to be a person that loved, respected and liked. The rest of it comes.

photo: Dawn Chubai

Leadership Lesson

Image representing Richard Branson as depicted...

Image via CrunchBase

Last week I was inspired…

I had the good fortune to listen to two strikingly  different yet exceptional leaders:  General Richard Hillier, Retired Chief of Defense Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, the Forces highest rank and Sir Richard Branson, Founder of The Virgin Group.

I found it so interesting to hear a common theme in both their messages around leadership: respect for people.

 “To be an effective leader you have to care about people.  You have to make it personal”, said General Hillier.

 “Having a personality of caring about people is important,” says Branson. “You can’t be a good leader unless you generally like people. That is how you bring out the best in them.”

What else was compelling was their “down to earth” nature. Both extremely accomplished people yet they never lead with their titles. Both leaders don’t take themselves too seriously.

They both have passion for their work.  They are 100% committed to what they do.  They know where they are going and they enlist other competent people around them, listen to them and let them take over- they delegate and truly empower them.

Define your leadership style. Respect the people who work with you. And take care.