Is Corporate Philanthropy part of your Culture?

Corporate philanthropy has always been a big part of McNeill Nakamoto’s culture. Tonight we are hosting the 6th annual GrapeJuice wine auction & tasting benefiting Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland. Big Sisters is our main philanthropic focus, but we continue to support our community as a whole in many different ways.

Many years ago, when we were a young company, we became one of the original participants of the Social Purchasing Portal (SPP). The SPP provides an on-line environment for business-to-business procurement transactions to leverage community economic development activity. This group of businesses, through their procurement policies and buying from the list of SPP suppliers, put social corporate responsibility into practice and create a social value for the community.

When we make decisions about suppliers McNak uses, we look to see if there are other members in the portal. One such member is Mills Basics. They are our office supplier of choice, and this video illustrates the great reasons why. On top of their corporate social responsibility, Mills Basics provides excellent customer service, and as their customer, we certainly appreciate it.


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