What you do first thing in the morning matters

Quick. Think back to early this morning.

What was the first thing you did? Hit the snooze button? Check work email on your phone? Creep on facebook?

Let’s try to switch up some habits, and incorporate new, healthy ones. I’m totally guilty for grabbing my iPhone from the bedside table and checking the weather app etc. Next thing I know I’m checking email, reading the news etc. I’ve got to stop this habit as it is eating into some precious time. And really, am I better for it when I check stuff online on my phone from the comfort of my bed – when I could be doing that during my commute to the office?

I should just get up, and get started on my day in a healthy way. After all, I seemed to get by several years ago when I didn’t own a smart phone.

The choices we make regarding our daily routines can define
our state of mind and focus for the rest of the day. Why not get a jump-start on our day by focusing on morning rituals that will provide us with balance, improved health, focus and self-discipline.

They say the best way to rid of a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit.  No matter your morning routine, here are a few habits that would add benefits to your day:

meditate – reduced stress, improved job performance, improved relationships. These are just a fraction of benefits one can attain from meditation. Even if you just give yourself 1 or 2 minutes of silence and focus, that’s a start.

stretch – actively stretch in the morning to loosen muscles, increase circulation, increase balance and coordination, attain better posture and boost your mood.

smile – A study in England revels that  a warm smile can create a “halo” effect, helping us “feel more optimistic, more positive, and more motivated.”

hydrate – drink a tall glass of water before you eat or drink anything else. Even better, add lemon to reap the many benefits that lemon juice provides including vitamin C, aiding digestion, and fight hunger cravings

When we start the day off right, it’s easier to make the best choices for ourselves the rest of the day.

photo: klarrej.tumblr.com

5 responses to “What you do first thing in the morning matters

  1. Great article Jessica! These past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to be conscious of my morning routine… and drinking lemon water as part of that! I think it’s important to pay attention to what starts your day the best – especially at a time of year when there’s so much change in the weather.

  2. You are so right on with this Jessica, I need to make a couple of changes thanks for the boost!

  3. I do hit the snooze button but use those 9 minutes so I can snuggle my partner. That shared time together is definitely a form of meditation for both of us that grounds us and fills up our reservoir for the day ahead when we have to be apart. Probably sounds hokey but on the days when we just get out of bed, it feels…. well, incomplete.

  4. Thanks. The hydration one is the easiest one to forget sometimes. Coffee is typically the morning hydration.

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