Bullying in the Workplace

We all know that bullying occurs in schools amongst children and teenagers, but we often forget that bullying also takes place in offices all over.

Bullying can take many forms in the workplace.  Some include being falsely accused of mistakes, being constantly criticized, use of double standards, yelled at, criticized for appearance, deriding comments, etc.

A recent study found that 35 percent of workers reported they have felt bullied on the job and 17 percent decided to quit their jobs to escape the situation.

Many incidents of aggressive or unreasonable behavior against a co-worker go unreported, but when they do, over half the time the HR department has done nothing to take action.

In an article earlier this month, BC Business magazine offers some advice on How to Handle an Office Bully.

It is important to be are aware of the tone we use not only in our voice, but in our internal email communication with co-workers. Even an exclamation point can come across the wrong way.


4 responses to “Bullying in the Workplace

  1. Great article and advice. A few months ago a friend told me that she was gathering information to report to HR about an office bully. I was a bit concerned for her because she had only been employed there for a few months. She followed several of the steps in this article and eventually they let the bully go. It did not seem like anything was going to happen at first because it took such a long time. The HR department had to gather their own evidence and build a case as they cannot just release someone by hearsay. Far too many times I think these types of people do not get reported because employees are afraid of losing their own job. Thank you for the great article I will pass this along to others 🙂

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