Does your Corporate Culture attract Top Performers?

Top performers are most often the true indicators of a company’s culture and are part of the integral root system of the company’s success. The biggest risk for a company is in failing to create an environment that supports their abilities. Developing a culture that attracts top performers is one of the most important tools for a company’s recruitment process.

  • By understanding the nature of top performers, you can take their energy and inspiration and use it to grow other future top performers.
  • Take top performers for lunch on a monthly basis. You’ll not only know what’s on their minds, but you will most likely come away with valuable insights into the business.
  • Make your top performers mentors. Everyone can benefit from a mentor. These power employees know this value and seek out mentors for themselves. Their thoughtful communication style attracts teams around them. Stack power employees together, and you get phenomenal teams and powerful collaborators. They thrive on one another’s energy, provide high-level strategy and show boldness in trying new things. They are innovators and executors.
  • Conduct team behavioural assessments. These tools help identify the dynamics within a team. Not all top performers are ‘drivers’; some are ‘influencers’, and others are combinations of both.

Questions to ask your executive management team and line managers:

  • What messages from our team are we not listening to or not confronting?
  • If there were two things to change in our current style of management or corporate mandates that could greatly affect employees’ motivation and job satisfaction, what would they be?
photo credit: ChrisM70

3 responses to “Does your Corporate Culture attract Top Performers?

  1. Many times when staff members complain or struggle management will look for an excuse instead of a cure. More often than not there is an underlying issue that needs to be fixed and they are looking to management to do just that. Great post I really enjoyed it even after a tough day at the office 🙂

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