5 Steps to Hiring a Superstar

Anyone can find and hire a superstar. A superstar is a top producer, someone you would re-hire without a second thought if you had to start your company all over again. Here are 5 steps that can help you attract and identify superstars for your company.

  1. Be the best.  You don’t want to hire people who will settle for working just anywhere. You want to hire people whose standards are high and who only want to work for the best. Promote the benefits and reputation of your company to attract those individuals who are waiting for the opportunity to come work for you.
  2. Create better jobs.  The best people are looking for jobs that challenge and stimulate them. The best will leverage competencies, behaviours, energy and skill in the right proportion.
  3. Write compelling job descriptions. Job descriptions should be more than a grocery list of required skills, they should sell your vision; they should be exciting and speak to your corporate culture, and should compel ideal candidates to apply. A good ad ties in performance objectives and corporate values as well as interesting job perks.
  4. Demonstrate job potential.  Good candidates want positions that offer growth opportunities along with challenges. Workers need to feel they have a future with the company. If their purpose is to grow with the company, and you don’t give them the opportunity, they will move on, even if they are treated well.
  5. Recruit well. Recruiting is an entire process, not just the double whammy of ‘find’ and ‘hire’.  Hire for potential then train for skill. Know what you need, and trust what feels right.
photo credit: svenwerk

One response to “5 Steps to Hiring a Superstar

  1. Excellent advice thank you and have a great evening!

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