A Digital Cleanse

I’m taking a little bit of time off this summer to spend time with our family and extended family.  We want to spend quality time together and limit the amount of time we spend with our digital devices.  We’ve set some rules in place for  adults and children for a 2 week time period:

No – Facebook, texting, email, movies, video games
Yes – landline phone, radio, reading lights, ‘IRL’, flashlight tag, Monopoly

I posted the challenge and rules on Facebook prior to the cleanse. Lots of comments followed. One friend wrote: “Such a great idea. Wish we could join you! We need a break from the insanity.” Another said, “A bold move. Enjoy!”

You may want to give it a try, if only for a day or two. If nothing else, consider just how attached you’ve become to these online services and ‘screen time’. A few summers ago I took a week-long vacation on a sailboat. We were far from any cell service and internet connection. It was exhilarating.

So, my question to you is, would you like to take a break from the insanity? Could you make the bold move and take a digital cleanse?

photo: GSAndré

3 responses to “A Digital Cleanse

  1. This is a fabulous idea! My wife and I do this while we’re on vacation as a way to truly disconnect and spend quality time together. The one thing we do allow is watching movies together (one of our favourite things to do when we’re away).

  2. Glad you feel the same way, Mike.

    Technology is amazing, but getting some perspective is a good thing.

  3. Good for you! I could do this (having just gone without all of this for a week with no power). I think it is a terrific idea to really enjoy family time for what it’s intended to be..time with family, not with technology.

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