Healthy Company Culture makes Healthy Employees

Can the culture of  your company actually make you healthier?

It turns out, it can.

I was casually speaking with a colleague recently while we were in the office kitchen, preparing our lunches. She mentioned that at her last job, everybody always went out and bought take out junk food for lunch.  Since working at McNak this past year, she has developed healthy habits by making healthy salads. It helps that we have a full kitchen to accommodate our staff. My co-workers tend to pack that fridge full of vegetables, fruit, yogurt, quinoa salads etc. We’re inspired by each other’s creations. I too, have noticed that I’m packing healthier lunches these days.

As well, this colleague of mine has also taken to running along the seawall on a few of her breaks during the week. This in turn, has inspired other co-workers to run, or practice yoga on their lunch breaks.  We are all providing each other good examples of a healthy lifestyle, and we’re all getting healthier for it.

Healthier living allows us to become more productive at work. Working better starts from living better and with the consistent improvement on one’s lifestyle provided from healthy eating and exercise, we will make the most of every minute we put to work. With physical alertness and sound emotional balance, one can easily channel concentration on the right task.

Is your culture at work literally healthy? Nothing should stop us from setting examples at our workplace, and create a culture of healthy living. We’ll all be better for it.

photo: chotda

3 responses to “Healthy Company Culture makes Healthy Employees

  1. This is so true, it happened in our office. I am a bit of a low-fat natural foods type person who works out three times a week. It has caught on with the rest of the staff. Now when reps come in and want to bring us lunch they are surprised that we send them to the local salad shop. Happy to hear your office is staying healthy too!

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