Engaged employees = stellar customer service

While on vacation with my family recently, we visited a couple of theme parks in California. Let me start off by saying, that on so many levels, you can’t compare the two.  What struck me the most, however, was the employees that worked at these two different parks.

In Theme Park A, the employees were genuinely happy to be there and their positivity was infectious. They were friendly, efficient, and overall enhanced the experience for us as visitors. They’re doing it right.

At Theme Park B, the employees were operating in slow motion, barely cracked a smile, and were practically looking at the clock, waiting for their shift to end. I even overheard one of the employees telling a customer, “We aren’t Theme Park A” I was shocked that he would speak in this tone, and to a customer.

I have had several friends ask me if it is worth it to go to Theme Park B. I’ve suggested that they not bother.  This brand has now lost potential customers based on my experience as a customer. And it’s not just me. The other three parents I was with where shaking their heads too. We were just so frustrated that this particular theme park had lost out on a great opportunity to allow their brand to shine.

Your employees represent your brand.  Brand is another word for user-experience. Create a culture where your employees can represent your brand in the best light. Engage your employees. Keep them happy. Train them. Re-train them.  You will keep customers, and win new ones.

It doesn’t matter what product you sell, what service you provide – as long as you have the right people representing your business, have engaged employees, things will fall into place, and your customers will be there.  Customer service is always key to any business. After all, if you don’t have a customer, you don’t have a business.

At the end of the day regardless of what business we are in, was the experience with our clients engaging and positive?  These experiences lead us to go back time and time again or at the very least rave to others about it. We are in an experience economy so best experience wins!

photo credit: _FuRFuR_

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