Happiness Inspires Productivity

I think that once viewing this video, actually twice (couldn’t help myself!), I felt happier and inspired to take this challenge on in my own life. I’ve always fallen on laughter as a key part of keeping happiness alive when facing stress or adversity. Shawn’s presentation has led me to consider happiness and success differently.

“ It’s the lens through which your brain views the world that shapes your reality. And if we can change the lens, not only can we change your happiness, we can change every single educational and business outcome at the same time.” Sage advice Shawn!

Shawn’s video shares an insightful message on how we need to reverse the formula for happiness and success. Bring happiness back and this act of raising positivity will naturally make a person more productive than those whose brains operate under negative, neutral or stress. What a difference place we’d live and work if we could rewire our brains to work as Shawn demonstrates. Let’s move the benchmark for average up!


4 responses to “Happiness Inspires Productivity

  1. Great post. Love Shawn’s comedic timing. Great story about the unicorn. Great message about positivity.

  2. Love the post, at our workplace we have instilled humor in our culture and we would not have it any other way, our patients and clients love it.

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