The Clover Food Lab Story

Clover Food Lab is proof that a great corporate culture is the responsibility of the CEO to foster right from the very beginning. That means describing the values, living the values, and sharing stories about what makes your culture great. From there it becomes the job of everyone in the business to passionately model the culture you want to see. In Clover’s case it’s building that culture from the ground up, providing opportunities for growth, living and breathe transparency (even the kitchen are completely open), stick to your values, and promoting what you believe in in an actionable way (“promote environmental well-being, one meal at a time.”).

How are people modelling culture in your organization?

This guest post was written by:

Mike Desjardins

Mike Desjardins is the Driver (CEO) at ViRTUS (, an organizational development consulting firm with expertise in strategic planning and implementation, leadership development, change management and succession planning for medium to large organizations. He regularly blogs at


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