Office party etiquette

We discovered from the results of last week’s poll, that over 90% of you are going out after office hours, to celebrate the season with your coworkers. This is great news to us, as we believe that strong relationships amongst company employees leads to a strong and unifying team. Parties are ideal morale boosters, and the perfect way to put the office walls behind you, and enjoy the company of your peers outside the office setting.

A few tips to keep in mind:

Drink moderately. Granted, the party is a social function, but it is still  a professional event first and foremost. A good rule to stick by – for every alcoholic beverage, make sure you drink a tall glass of water as well.

Mingle. Now is your chance to speak with those individuals you might not normally work with and meet the larger team, so be sure to make a good impression. Use the party as a way to strengthen existing relationships or make new ones.

Have fun! Take this time to blow off some steam and have a good time with your co-workers. Laughter is an equalizer.

Don’t forget your manners. Remember to thank your boss at the end of the evening.  Hey, they’re paying the bill. Let them know how much you appreciate the party they’re throwing for the company. And if one of your co-workers organized the event, make sure you give a special thank you for the hard work they put into planning the evening.

~ Jessica Rozitis


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