Job discrimination and ethnic names

A recent study shows if you have a non-english sounding name it can make it harder for you to a land a job.

Sarah McNeill talks with Global TV about job discrimination and ethnic names:


One response to “Job discrimination and ethnic names

  1. “The study also suggest employers may need to change the way they hire. One way would be to black-out names and only look at experience and education to ensure no bias and the firms are getting the best employees of the market place.” – 2:12 to 2:15

    ^ That is a solution already. Otherwise, a company may suffer massive losses of their “best employee candidates” out there. Just take a look at my name for example, Prabu Bias Pradipta (‘prah-boo, bee-us, ‘prah-deep-‘tah). Who would have know competencies one wield if they only judges by that name?

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