Domo arigato

How often do you thank your employees for their work? I try to say ‘thanks’ daily, but for sure every few days I thank my team.

I appreciate hearing it myself so I can imagine others do too!

We all want to keep motivated and I found the simple words of gratitude are very uplifting and encouraging and I keep doing more of whatever I was thanked for.

Employee motivation is a topic all Human Resource professionals ponder – and rightly so as look at the results – Increased employee motivation leads to higher employee engagement and finally retention increases.

So, how to motivate our employees?

Unfortunately there is not an exact science nor formula.  Too bad we couldn’t just fill in a check list we created tailored to specific “types” of people.  However, just as one employee is motivated primarily by money, then another employee is not. I have staff that appreciate personal recognition for a job well done just as much as that ‘extra’ bonus available.   Motivation should be as individual as the employees who work for us.

And it doesn’t just have to be the leader that recognizes their employees. In our company, employees are given opportunities to formally thank and publicly recognize their peers for going above and beyond their regular job to support the team.

Thank you!

~ Cheryl Nakamoto

photo credit: Anemone Letterpress


One response to “Domo arigato

  1. Love this post Cheryl, soo true!! It can even be expanded to all the people in your life that influence you. How often do we tell the people around us how much we appreciate who they are, not just what they do? Not enough!!

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