Can you change a company’s culture?

Companies go through cycles in their own career as a company. Through these changes there will be times when corporate culture is affected by the growth. And sometimes a shift in culture is needed to stay on track of this new growth or direction. Not everyone will be on board though. Ironing out the rough spots internally can actually be one of the biggest factors in moving the company forward. Jim Fowler, CEO of Jigsaw has some simple messages on the concept of changing a company culture. Having observed companies in some tough spots over the years and the effect rough spots have on corporate culture, I think his advice is merited.

~ Sarah McNeill


3 responses to “Can you change a company’s culture?

  1. In my experience there are four key factors that can help influence culture:
    1) What behaviours we allow (we teach people what okay and not okay)
    2) What we reward (monetarily or through praise, promotion, and recognition)
    3) Who we hire, what we look for when we hire, and who we help “exit” the business
    4) The visible behaviours of the executive team

    Modifying these four areas can have a dramatic effect on the overall culture of your organization.

  2. I only partly agree with Jim Fowler. Assuming leaders have integrity with their people, they I might agree with his statements. But misunderstandings by workers can cause culture clashes that only true leaders can change. Failure of leaders to change and firing employees when it’s a leadership problem will only cause future problems. Both sides have a responsibility to work things out, especially leaders.

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