Are you stalled?

There are days when I sometimes just have to stop what I’m doing. And so I stop. Most times it’s because my list of unfinished ‘to do’s’ and never ending priorities have gone to the red line and are about to create a landslide on me. It’s at that point that I try to remember what it might have been like at this time the previous year or even years before.  It’s really just my general catch-all way of finding perspective on the situation. Even though I’m sure it’s just a matter of seconds, the distraction is long enough to break the cycle of my grind. My observation: today’s work climate is so fast paced that it almost seems to get faster with each year. So many new technologies, so many platforms to showcase competing engagements and deadlines.  Naturally we adapt and try our best to keep up. And because we’re constantly adapting, we sometimes trick ourselves into thinking that what we are doing with our time is effective. When the grind is so intense it is easy to fall into routines  that can actually lead you to be unproductive and quite frankly unmotivated and stalled. It’s sometimes best to just stop, regroup, and resort your priorities.

I really like Chris Brogan’s post, Grinding vs. Clocking. His one minute video clip  reminds us of what we’ve forgotten that could make all the difference.

Just before I wrote this post I took five minutes out of my day to order some okespor water shoes I’ve been meaning to buy (on my ‘to do’ list) to go with a  kayak that is due to arrive in time for this weekend. So in doing this, I’ve taken my time first mini time out. It’s a curious habit I have, and I’m sure I’m not alone, that I can leave on my ‘to do’ list  things that can actually help me be more productive and recharged.  I’m now ready to look at the rest of the  ‘to do’ list of my life and regroup. At the very least, break it up into smaller bundles so I can refocus on the things most important to me right now. And as a motivator to getting this done, I’m  already visualizing myself on the kayak finding peaceful time to myself.

Hope you can get take a few minutes to get yourself out of your grind. Face it – we’re always in one. Just step out of it from time to time. Feels good.

~ Sarah McNeill 

photo credit: Joseeivissa


2 responses to “Are you stalled?

  1. Great post Sarah, such a good reminder! What used to bog me down is that my ‘to-do’ lists were often focused on end results and felt overwhelming. For example: ‘Finish the report’ – seems like a daunting and time consuming task to finish the entire report (especially when there are so many steps along the way). So what helps me is breaking the process down into the little steps and putting the first step on my to-do list ie. ‘conduct research for report.’ This is more manageable and it feels awesome to cross it off the list! Then the next step is added etc. etc. all while chipping away at the end result of finishing the report. Just a lil mental trick I play on myself but it works wonders.

  2. I totally agree. Small bites always work. Thanks for your comment!

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