The hidden power of smiling

I believe that so much of one’s success in life comes from one’s ability to use the power of smiling. It’s a shame that life’s demands chip away at something we apparently did so naturally before we were born.  Throughout my life, through all my successes and challenges,  I have experienced first hand the extraordinary power and strength of what smiling can do. I think I may actually smile more than the average person! Charles Darwin said that the ‘act of smiling itself actually makes us feel better.’  He’s right.

Ron Gutman’s presentation on this Ted video has some fascinating takeaways and interesting insights.  You may find yourself pulling out your old highschool yearbook after watching this video. This time, not looking at the hairstyles of your era! As someone who has made a career in the placement of people into companies I was quite taken by some of the concepts Gutman shared.

I would agree readily with Mother Teresa’s statement ‘I will never understand all the good that a simple smile can accomplish’.  I’m willing to bet that one of the m0st significant traits of the most successful companies today share is the power of the smile. I’d guess that they beat out their competitors in this area by a country mile.

To close, another great example of the power of the smile in action, a favourite of mine, is found in Validation – the art of smile

~ Sarah McNeill


2 responses to “The hidden power of smiling

  1. Great post. Not only does smiling lead to success, but it also makes you feel happier. 😀

  2. sometimes “brainwashing” is a good thing, that is, a smile will eventually “trick” your brain into being happy…

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