The sun can shine everywhere anytime.

Yes Mr. Rogers you were correct when you said “it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood” on your TV show back in the 70’s. This show impacted my life and so many others. I think this show is a positive memory point I’ve carried with me all my life. When I stop to think about the effect one’s attitude has on others it can  really be a deal breaker in many situations. Leaving Hawaii the other week I looked out the window to see  12 airport staff all standing in a line waving at our plane  and with a smile on my face I thought what a wonderful thing to remember when leaving that beautiful place. The lovely smile and welcome I always get from my barista anytime I go to her coffee shop makes my day and makes me want to return. The way we carry our emotions can greatly affect our relationships with our ‘neighbours’, in the office and anywhere else we go.

When’s the last time you thought about the way you approach your morning and end your day with your team mates and loved ones. How about any given moment in the day? Does the sun shine around you?

This video warms my soul. Have a great day!

~ Sarah McNeill


One response to “The sun can shine everywhere anytime.

  1. Great writing!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

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