Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith

People, and therefore companies, have little faith these days. Faith being the unwavering belief in another people’s ability or plan to create something great. This can be a teammate, a family member, or even themselves.

Instead, they have facts. Facts about what worked well last year, what skills someone has demonstrated, and about what experiences people bring to the table.

The interesting thing is that these facts are all based in the past. Past success, past performance, past experience. With little faith, these past-based facts can begin to drive future business decisions.

“The team tried that last year and didn’t see any results, so let’s try a different approach.”
“You haven’t proven yourself yet, so I’m not going to give you this upcoming project.”
“That candidate doesn’t come with any experience in our field, so he probably won’t be of any benefit to us.”

The past dictates our future when we solely rely on facts.

Faith, on the other hand, doesn’t need proof or evidence from the past. It doesn’t compare where we are today to where we were. Instead, it looks to where we could be and creates a path from here to there.

In this environment, be it at home, at work, or in the gym, you are surrounded by trust, confidence, and inspiration. You innovate constantly as there is always a new future to be created. You dream big dreams and then turn them into goals. You develop your people before they prove themselves “worthy enough” for that development. You hire based on cultural fit. You take big risks and see what sticks.

For some, running your life (or company) based completely on faith is unbelievable.
For others, it’s the only thing that works.

This guest post was written by Matt Corker, Leadership Development Advisor at lululemon athletica

Matt Corker has a serious addiction to big ideas, bold goals, and strong communities. After working for the University of British Columbia in alumni and student affairs, Matt was drawn to lululemon athletica – a yoga-inspired athletic apparel company that creates components for people to live longer, healthier, more fun lives. In his role of Leadership Development Advisor, Matt is responsible for delivering new-hire orientations and professional development opportunities that empower their great staff to achieve their dreams and live a life they LOVE! Matt has a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management and International Business from the Sauder School of Business at UBC and will be starting his MBA at the Copenhagen Business School in the fall. He has a strong background in leadership and development and a big heart for social media, inspiring minds, and giving out great high fives. More information about Matt can be found at


5 responses to “Cause Ya Gotta Have Faith

  1. Great post Matt! It reminds me of new years resolutions and why they often fail – they focus on past behaviors as the driver to change future ones, better to start by looking forward!

  2. Interesting points. Many companies will have to reevaluate relying solely on facts, especially at a time when so much is changing. Social media as a new frontier for marketing will likely cause many companies to take leaps of faith, and those who aren’t prepared to do so may be left in the dust. Thanks for your insight, Matt!

  3. Too true!

  4. Thanks for the reminder Matt.

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