Wise Words

We can find inspiration in so many different ways.  I came across this 2 minute video of the actor Kevin Spacey on Facebook awhile ago. My stepsister had posted it on her wall and she said “Wise Words. Hopefully one day I’ll get here”.

You don’t have to be an actor to take in Mr. Spacey’s advice. His wise words can apply to all of us – no matter what profession, no matter what stage in our lives.

~ Jessica Rozitis


3 responses to “Wise Words

  1. I respect what he answered about there being “no prize out there.” During the lean years, it behooves us to enjoy the process as much as we can. Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll look back and wax nostalgic for those “lean years.”

    {twitter: danenow}

  2. This is a seriously GREAT video clip.

    GREAT post McNak – well done.

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