Always a McNaker

A lot of people ask me how I got into recruitment. Is it something I had always wanted to do? Is that what I did before I joined McNak? Will I always be an agency recruiter?

The truth of the matter is that I fell into recruiting – and was wooed by everything that was (and continues to be) McNak. When I first came in to meet with McNak, I was on the hunt for a job…at that stage, a temporary job was top of mind. When the interviewer asked me what sort of work environment I was looking for, I glanced around the funky Yaletown office and answered, “Somewhere like here.” The next question was: “Have you ever thought about being a recruiter?” And the rest, as they say, is history.

I’ve been with McNak through one office move, two database conversions, three job titles, four anniversaries, countless successful job placements, and hundreds of interviews with candidates from every background imaginable. The learning opportunities have been immense, and McNak’s unique corporate culture has both nurtured my professional growth while allowing me the autonomy to develop my own style as a recruiter.

But all good things must (really, is it a requirement?) come to an end. What McNak has also given me is a true sense of where I want to go in my career. It was not my original goal, but I have recognized that my future lies in the broader realm of Human Resources. I now have an opportunity to take that to the next level with an in-house HR Generalist and Recruiter role. And I would never have gotten to this place if not for the winning team at McNak.

My thanks go out to Cheryl and Sarah, of course, but also to the amazing team of McNakers, both former and current. And although I’m moving on, you know that in spirit I will always be a McNaker! (I don’t know, Sarah – should I get the tattoo?)

~ Bradley Cuzen


One response to “Always a McNaker

  1. We miss you already Bradley! And yes, you will always be a McNaker. To answer your question: You mean… you don’t already have the tattoo?!

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