Do you know what your Company Culture is?

Recently I was driving with my 14 year old daughter and I shared with her that I was writing a blog post for work and that the theme around the post would be corporate culture.  She replied, “The definition of culture is: the sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings and transmitted from one generation to another.” She is studying this in Social studies 9 right now.  It got me thinking, there’s lots of chatter about culture out there, but do we really know what that means to us, our teams, or to our companies?

Corporate culture is a term used to describe the beliefs, values, and processes that provide a company with its own unique flavor and attitude. It’s really about the attitude of everyone involved with the organization

When preparing to launch a search for a new employee, you usually hear things like, “Most importantly the new hire needs to fit into our company culture!  But when asked to define the company culture there seems to be a lot of silence.

Indeed it is VERY important to have your prospective new employee fit in to your company culture, but more so it is important that the culture is a defined and well known thing to everyone in the organization. So much so that you can ask anyone from the team about culture, and they all have more or less the same answer. About who they are as a business.

Here are some tips to finding out your company culture

1. What kind of culture do you want?

Meet with everyone in the organization to find out who they think they are and who they want to be.

2. What Needs to Change?

Have a plan to make small or big changes that everyone takes part of

3. Measure your changes

How are sick days, productivity? Is who you are telling the world you are on the outside now matching the inside?

Everyone has a company culture whether they know it or not, so take the time to find out what your culture is.

~Tracey Saretsky


One response to “Do you know what your Company Culture is?

  1. Thank you Tracey. It would be interesting to compare the employees’ responses to those of senior, long-term employees and the organization’s mission statment and core values ~ 360 degree feedback / Johari window style.

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