Customer Service – Take care

Last night we were finishing our family dinner at 7 pm when my husband realized that we needed to buy cough syrup for our son. Our son had been up during the previous night with a terrible cough, and by morning we ran out of syrup. My husband said, “Oh, it’s probably too late to go to the drug store. I bet it’s closed.”

I grabbed my purse, left the dinner table and took my chances that the drug store one block away from our house just might be open. Sure enough, they were closing the doors. “Sorry, we’re closed,” said the lady. I didn’t really feel like getting in my car to drive to another drug store with longer business hours.

I used my parent-in-need tactic and asked the lady, “Do you know if the grocery store on the corner sells children cough syrup?” She answered, “No, I’m sorry, I don’t know.” Then a pause. Then a smile. “I’ve closed my cash already, but if you promise to come back tomorrow and pay, I’ll give you the syrup now.”  Wow, I thought. This was a pivotal moment. I was experiencing a Moment of Magic.

She led me into the store, and she helped pick out the best syrup for my son’s specific symptoms. “My name is Dorothy,” she said. “I’ll be here all day tomorrow.” I breathed a sigh of relief, “Thanks Dorothy! I really appreciate it. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

In my one block walk home, I shared the positive customer service story with my husband, and then again with my neighbour. I’m happy to spread the news about my moment of magic. Nobody asked me to. But a neighbourhood pharmacy that understands the needs of their customers deserves our business.

The main point is that Dorothy wasn’t just doing this as a ‘good customer service’ experience.  I truly believe she was helping me out, because she cared.  If one clearly cares about their customers, and cares about their job, these acts of kindness just happen naturally.

As for my son, he, and the rest of the household had a peaceful night’s sleep.

~ Jessica Rozitis


3 responses to “Customer Service – Take care

  1. I love hearing these positive customer service stories! So many times it’s the negative stories that get all the hype, as we complain to family and friends. But when someone really makes a difference, that is the kind of story we should really be sharing! Dorothy rocks!

  2. My wife had a similarly fantastic experience with BCAA. Coles notes: a tow truck driver dropped my then pregnant wife off at home, helped her bring in a mountain of groceries and then deposited her broken down car at a local shop. I tweeted the hell out of that experience. It’s beautiful to see a company’s staffer go the extra mile and provide an unexpected level of service – it seems so very rare.

  3. Wow, that is really sweet of her. It makes you believe that a pharmacy is actually in the business of making people get better, rather than simply selling medicine. Thanks for sharing that.

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