Moments of Magic

I was at a drug store today in the shampoo section when I happened upon a conversation between a store clerk and a customer. The customer was inquiring about a specific product line that they apparently didn’t carry anymore. She probed further about what other options were available to substitute and without a smile on her face the clerk responded, ‘I don’t know, I haven’t tried any of them.’ and then walked away.

“A moment of truth is anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of a business, however remote, and has an opportunity to form an impression.” Jan Carlzon, Scandinavian Airlines

About a month ago I attended a seminar lead on Moments of Truth, Misery and Magic by Shep Hyken, Customer Service expert and author of The Cult of the Customer . Shep spoke of the dynamic when you interact with people that you can either create moments of misery, magic or mediocrity.  Moments of misery are those moments of truth gone bad.  Moments of magic are those awesome experiences that make you want to go back for more.  And perhaps the most hurtful to a business are those of mediocrity or as Shep calls them those of average, as those experiences leave no impression at all and can damage a company just as much as those of misery.

If companies were to repeat my drug store experience in their own particular business version they would most definitely leave an experience of mediocrity. You can really tell when an employee is engaged or interested in the overall good of a company.

Shep’s statement that,   “One person can make the company!” is bang on. How often does a moment of mediocrity or misery delivered by a company’s employee scar the company for a long time unless dealt with.  With so many other choices why would we go back for a negative or neutral experience.

Shep’s 10 strategies that will create Moments of Magic:

  1. Manage the first impression- make it positive
  2. Be knowledgeable on your service/product
  3. Build rapport when dealing with your customers
  4. Enthusiasm- show your “joy” for what you do!
  5. Communication- be clear and ask questions to qualify what they really want and when.
  6. Mistakes will happen so your goal is to resolve and restore confidence
  7. Quality in every turn- provide great service or a great product
  8. UPOD- under promise and over deliver
  9. Consistency – maintain consistency in delivery of service
  10. Show appreciation- thank you’s!!

~ Cheryl Nakamoto

photo credit: 10ch


2 responses to “Moments of Magic

  1. Hi Cheryl – Thank you for spreading the word! Glad you listened to the program. Let’s hope that the “Moments of Magic” message gets out there to everyone! Shep Hyken, http://www.Hyken.com

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