May we introduce you? Finding work that creates bliss.

Finding your dream job- here at McNak we are often asked: how do you do it? We believe it starts with your unique vision. From our experience of examining thousands of jobs a year, we know there is a career that plays to your individual strengths. A place where colleagues truly appreciate your concepts and contributions. You just have to find it. It is not a ‘job’ where you fill your time from 9 to 5, but an environment that stimulates you to innovate and create.

The most critical step in acquiring your dream job is networking. Cast a wide net by speaking to former colleagues and acquaintances. Specifically, gather a list of two to five companies you’d like to work for. Articulate your interest in these businesses – what makes these firms compelling for you? By being specific, you give your audience a clear idea of your skills and the culture you’d like to work in. You’d be amazed at the results – when people understand your motivations, they are in an excellent position to introduce you to the right people.  You’ve drawn them a clear picture of who you’d like to meet. Securing an introduction to the right person is far more likely, and it can make the difference between loving your career …or not.

Of course if you’ve worked with McNak in the past, you know that we enjoy introducing like-minded people so much we’ve chosen it as a career! We have always been passionate about introducing you to your perfect match.

~ Julie Steele

photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt


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