In Good Company

For the second year in a row, McNeill Nakamoto has been honoured to be listed as one of  Canada’s Progressive Employers.  The Progressive Employers of Canada List identifies mom friendly workplaces and was created to  ‘encourage organizations to consider the value they offer employees in innovative ways and to share this information with a national network of savvy, educated, professionals, who are looking for more progressive work environments.  This list is designed to enhance the dialogue between these employers and employees and ultimately identify more supportive workplaces.’

At McNak we believe that a happy team is a healthy team, one that has work life woven with a balance of business success and personal success. This business philosophy is especially important for those with children. While sometimes challenging to achieve, we encourage our parents to celebrate firsts with their children. By providing an ability for this to take place we are reciprocated with a highly dedicated team who’s work performance probably exceeds many of our competitors. If work couldn’t be fun why do it? Just as important is making it to the annual sport day or first day of swimming lessons.

To view the complete 2010 Progressive Employers of Canada list click here.

Congratulations to all  the organizations who made the list. These employers are among a select group of “mom-friendly” employers who are leading progressive change in the Canadian workplace for working parents and their families.

Please share your personal work experiences relating to unique ways of celebrating diversity in the workplace relating to children as well as work life balance. We can always be inspired!


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