What’s your Social Media recipe?

Social Media is about exactly that, being social. What’s the point in doing it if you aren’t comfortable to show who you really are.  At McNak we have truly fallen for social media.  We think it has brought out more of our authentic self than we could initially have imagined.

What’s your recipe for social media in its abilities to show who you really are, or are you not yet ready to share?  Mat Wilcox, CEO and founder of  public relations and social media firm Wilcox Group says “if you are not in social media you are a dinosaur and missing key opportunities and potentially doing your company harm.”


One response to “What’s your Social Media recipe?

  1. Great reminder! Social media is only effective when you and your company show up as yourself. Employ social media by getting real: give your company and brand personality and enable it to thrive.

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