The beat of an organization

I recently attended the 2010 HRMA conference. The theme of the conference was People, Passion, Profit. There was a surprise plenary on the agenda to kick off the conference. With much anticipated curiosity and anticipation I waited outside the room with other fellow HRMA attendees. Our curiosity was rewarded when we were finally allowed to enter the conference room. To my surprise the conference seats where lined with 1000 drums! We spent most of the 40 minutes learning about how the power of sound can move a group together. It was a powerful message: Before you can move forward cohesively as a group you need to start with a united baseline.

This metaphor for ‘finding a team’s rhythm’ is something we have done for years now at McNak. While we don’t do it with drums or music we have found our rhythm in the pulse of our weekly company wide meeting that we have every Monday morning. Originally inspired by Verne Harnish in his book The Rockefeller Habits, we have truly made it our own. By having our whole team united at one time has really made a difference in the cohesiveness of how we move forward with our own individual goals. This brief meeting also carves out time for our whole team to be present to celebrate individual and team successes. And now if only we could just nail our McNak theme song…..

~ Cheryl Nakamoto


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