Recharge – the 90 day Reset Strategy

‘Team building doesn’t build teams. Build them a strategy.’- Keith McFarland

Following the wisdom of Keith McFarland for our strategy session we began our 90 day reset yesterday. We keyed in on the successes of the last 90 days and fine tuned our next 90. As part of our team’s commitment to excellence we tied an extended session on team development to our 90 day reset strategy. Lead by ViRTUS, our focus this session was on the Communication Model. Diversity of personality types and working styles made this process a most enjoyable learning experience. With our new found awareness about ourselves and each other, we left with our missions, both collective and individual, clearly in place.

A couple of themes stand out from this tremendously valuable session:

1. Breakthrough performance is hard. It really is. But no one ever said that getting to the top of your game isn’t. Our McNak team has dedicated themselves to charting a course set on taking our company to levels higher than we’ve ever believed we could before. And pushing ourselves to new levels we really are having a tremendous amount of fun. We’ve got a great recipe and a team to do it!

2. Communication is paramount. When teams are going through fast growth, the strength of a team is strongly based on how communication is delivered by all team members. Active and precision listening, as well as setting context and intentions were a few of the gems for ensuring clarity and understanding in a dynamic workspace. Thank you ViRTUS, we couldn’t have done this without you!

3. It feels good to laugh. Maybe this is a McNak thing. We’ve made a pact that every hour of our work day should experience laughter! It’s all part of the plan. (One of our metrics) We’ll keep up with this exercise!

~ Sarah McNeill


One response to “Recharge – the 90 day Reset Strategy

  1. It certainly is a lot easier and far more fun to work with an engaged and energized team like McNak! Thank you from Tana, me, and the rest of the ViRTUS Team for the opportunity.

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