Successful Hiring Process = More Business Success!

Companies that have job openings can mean a few things – On one hand, business can be very good and therefore a new role is created or on the other hand, a valued added staff member is leaving the firm. In both of these cases, they are factors that can affect the success of a business whether you see an increase in employee turn over rate, changes in employee morale, the time and cost taken to retrain a new employee, and even productivity will be below average during this transition. Whatever the case may be, job openings can reveal that a company will be negatively impacted and especially during a transition until the vacancy is filled with a great fit!

This is a major reason that the importance of the hiring process is not taken lightly. Having an over extended time before finding a match to the job vacancy can also lead to other negative impacts to a business – overworked existing employees, a backlog or slower service to clients, and a devalued impression of an employer’s brand in the marketplace.

If you are looking to evaluate your current hiring process, here are a few ideas to ensure your hiring process is efficient, seamless, and successful to your business!


Evaluate, identify, and communicate the factors that are keys to success within the role, the team and the company culture (reach out to your key staff members, HR and Recruitment Partners during this process for valued added clarity).


Ensure all parties involved understand and agree to the key to success factors and a set out a recruitment time line (to have a realistic hiring date, be sure to include those who may be away that must be involved in the hiring process).


Create an eye catching and concise job posting and get the word out to your network – this takes time and if you lack that, or lack the network, then reach out to your expert contacts.


Set up a consistent criteria-based screening process including a number of candidates to be screened, implementing assessments and background checks, and a number of interviews to be conducted before a hiring decision.


Responding to applications and starting the interviewing process immediately is important! Top talents are rare and recruited quickly. Don’t forget to keep interviewed candidates informed on the hiring process timeline and release those that are not a close match.


Ensure to keep a timely hiring process in check.


Prepare in advance a standardized offer letter and package which can be manipulated for the different types of roles in your business. This last step is as crucial as all the others discussed prior. An offer letter is the legal binding document making the hire official. It would be very disappointing to go through the hiring process and then not have a hire work out!


You found the perfect fit after much investment and time in recruiting but you are not done yet! You have invested so much already, right? Therefore, it would be wise to get to know how to best work with the person you hired. Whether you are using Myers-Brigg or DISC, behavioral profiling tools can provide valuable communication and behavioral insights on the successful candidate. It allows you to fast track into your on-boarding of a new employee and work more effectively with their behavioral styles. As a result, allowing better synergies and more success for your business.

How are you continuously ensuring your hiring process is effective and seamless to bring more success for your business?

~ Sharon Tong


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