Those red mittens. That team spirit.

Nothing brings a group together like a good game of sport. And what a rush it has been for Canada. Following the exhilarating races and the heart warming stories of our athletes has really created a bonding experience for our communities and for our country.

This once in a lifetime experience for all of us in Vancouver truly does bring ‘glowing hearts’. It will be years before our little red mittens fail to rouse a smile out of a complete stranger. The spirit running through Vancouver is such a wonderful reminder. And by the looks our Olympic poll most companies are getting a chance to enjoy the games and still stay productive, and in many instances together decked out in red and white! We even saw a Canadian fan dressed in the jacket of a santa suit!

Being so close to a world class event make us think about the positive effect time spent with our own team means to us. Getting out of the structured corporate team building can sometimes unlock that special extra that brings a team together. We are due for one our own ‘out of the box’ team get togethers. We hope the Olympics inspires you too. GO Canada GO!

~ Sarah McNeill

photo credit:  Michael Francis McCarthy


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