The World is Waiting for You

I believe the time is right now. Stand tall and make the world proud.

In this exciting time leading up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, there is a certain buzz about town – traffic will be crazy, visitors will flock by the 1000’s and most importantly, dreams will come true! All the dreams that were once sparked by a goal and the question of “What if I could…”

At Lululemon, we are maniacal about goal setting. Within your first week, you will develop your own amazing hedgehog and set 1, 5 and 10 year goals. Your goals are broken down into categories of Career, Health and Personal with by-when dates of when they will be achieved. Some of these may be BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and some may feel totally achievable – either way – they are written down and plastered (literally!) around the halls and on the walls of the office. That way everyone else knows what you are trying to accomplish and can help you get there! (Chip’s goal: to do the Grouse Grind the same number of times in a year as his age!)

This has inspired a culture of attracting high performing, goal oriented, boundary-pushers who care about their health and see the glass ¾ full! Kind of like the Olympics, it creates a buzz about the office, daily. Because every day is a day a goal can be achieved and we are all one step closer to realizing the dream!

Wanna lead like Lululemon? Get your egos outta the way – and get every employee to start drafting their goals! Organizations don’t need more people. Organizations need people who will come alive! Help your people come alive and they will contribute in ways you’d never have dreamed of. (And then you might need to hire more people as you will have inspired some to go off and pursue their goals. Isn’t that awesome? Bonus: they will leave as your biggest raving fans!)

The time is right now. Set goals. Take yourself on. The world is waiting for you!

(A great clip brought to you by Matt Corker, Champion of Community @ NoMoSolo and Olympic Volunteer extraordinaire!)

Go Canada Go!

This guest post was written by:   Stephanie Corker Irwin

Stephanie Corker Irwin is the Head of Recruitment at Lululemon athletica. When she is not in downward facing dog, she is a keen triathlete and a buzzing entrepreneur with the launch of her first business: NoMoSolo, coming to Vancouver March 24th.  (Yep, it was on her goals!)


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