Our Olympics. Your business.

The big event is coming to town.

McNeill Nakamoto’s office is located in Yaletown, where one of the  LiveCity locations for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics is located.  Already, we are experiencing some new activity and rearranged traffic patterns in our neighbourhood.  Our business will be open as usual.  We will still be available to service our clients and conduct interviews.  We’ve made adjustments to our way of doing our work as effectively as possible, whether or not our employees can make the commute to Yaletown.

A wonderful legacy that the games has already left for us, is the addition of the Canada Line.  Our staff use “the line” exclusively when attending meetings in the downtown area.  This has helped McNak with our green initiatives.

Embracing what today’s modern technology has to offer, most of the team at McNak will be able to access their office computers remotely from home during the Olympic Games.  Some of our staff will be telecommuting, and some will stagger their work hours. I know that I will be glued to my iPhone to keep in touch, as well as using Yammer to keep up to date on what my co-workers are doing.

As an employer, McNeill Nakamoto has offered their staff the utmost of flexibility during this time.   We have approached this situation as not a challenge, but as a once in a lifetime event that we can embrace.  Our team will continue to work effectively and be productive even if we don’t see each other every single day during the largest event our city has ever produced.

What plans do you have in place to keep your company running during the games?  Please share by leaving a comment.

~ Jessica Rozitis


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