What’s your theme song?

This team knows how to have fun. We like the team’s spontaneous tribute to their corporate culture. It isn’t easy to manufacture corporate culture. And this is a team who has a culture that works. They are so aligned that they will take risks together. Trust is high. And they’ve allowed themselves to have fun. Don’t we all need it once in a while!  We’d put bets that this team does some great things together. (perhaps however, not a career in performing arts).

This spontaneous video reminds us of another more structured video where the team is fully engaged and united on a common goal. You can see the magic is real in both environments. Both work. How dull work could be if one couldn’t have smiles on no less than a few faces?

What is your company doing right now to have FUN?

~ Jessica Rozitis


4 responses to “What’s your theme song?

  1. You guys absolutely made my Sunday night with this post/video! There is no doubt in my mind that that crew is having fun and clearly loving their work while at the same time not taking themselves too seriously. I imagine it’s the best recruitment technique they’ve found so far. Not everyone would want that environment but those that would would be drawn like moths to a flame.

  2. Terrific video, Sarah. In my last business (which did business with McNak, as you may recall) we had a turn of phrase, “serious fun.” We were serious about our business, but also about enjoying the ride.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fun is one of our metrics! We believe all great companies have their version of fun! Thanks Mark!

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