Power Employees- Who they are and what makes them great

Top performers. They are most often the true indicator of a company’s culture and are part of the integral root system of a company’s success. They are the first to speak up and also the first to pursue feedback. What they will not do is sit idle.

These individuals know how to push the right buttons of a corporation by continuously seeking improvement, not just their own improvement but for the greater good of the company. The biggest risk for a company is to not create an environment that supports their abilities. Their insights often could provide the means to key business improvements and directions.

By understanding the nature of a top performer, you can take their energy and inspiration and use it to grow other future top performers. Everyone can benefit from a mentor. These power employees know this value and seek out mentors for themselves. Their thoughtful communication style engenders teams to them. People want to be in their keep.

Stack power employees together and you get phenomenal teams and powerful collaborators. They thrive on each other’s energy and provide high level strategy and offer a boldness to try new things. They are innovators and executors.

When they set goals they think of them in terms of what they really need to be doing. These types of people think about ways to maximize opportunities and leverage their potential. They visualize their success. They are seriously good at measuring themselves for improvement and look for points where they can take calculated risks and prove successful.

Many of the companies that make it on Top 100 lists have an impressive roster of power employees. There’s a reason these companies can reach breakaway success in their industries.

What makes your power employees stand out?

~ Sarah McNeill

photo credit: InaFrenzy


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