Validation – the art of smile

We just love this video! And with the holiday season upon us this is such a heartwarming feel good piece. And for however busy it may be at this time of the year it seems that we always find time to sneak a peek at good content. You might even find yourself replaying it again and again. We did.

It’s about the human condition and how much we all thrive on positive messages. We guarantee that you will smile. And definitely more than once. Corporately, the take home is clear.  We challenge you to apply your own variation of the ‘art of smile’ into your corporate culture.

Too often in this fast moving life of ours we seem to have forgotten one of the simplest messages. Acknowledgement. Remember the last time someone acknowledged you. How did it make you feel? Especially this past year.

Our last December’s post on our recipe for success still stands true: ‘Think: more smiles, more motivation, more happiness- we have forgotten to acknowledge people.  its the simple things.’

So have a ‘nog and spread some holiday cheer!

~ Sarah McNeill


2 responses to “Validation – the art of smile

  1. Fantastic, great message, heart warming…thanks 🙂

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