Hire for attitude

One of McNak’s favourite models of the ultimate service experience is the Four Seasons Hotels. It has, after almost fifty years, stayed true to founder Isadore Sharp’s vision to create a second to none service culture. If only more companies could translate their style into their own businesses. 

“We hire for attitude, then we train for skill” – Ellen du Bellay, vice president of learning and development, Four Seasons Hotels

A lot of us wonder about respect, especially when it comes to workplace culture. As any follower of our blog knows, McNak is all about finding the cultural fit in an organization, and respect is an integral part of that. Respect is essential to the success of McNak’s business – how we interact with our candidates, how we develop relationships with our clients, and how every member of Team McNak works together to ensure a truly respectful workplace. If respect is core to a company’s belief system then the bond is almost unbreakable and is a powerful tool for personal and corporate success.

Respect in the workplace starts with the individual – whether it’s a management position, a junior administrator, or the CEO. This is the core of the message in Erica Pinsky’s ‘Road to Respect: Path to Profit’. Pinsky, a local author, speaker and consultant, recently took the time to discuss her insights at the BC HRMA book group.

The economic realities of the last year have had a tremendous impact on workplace behaviour – the stress that comes with an uncertain economy can push people to unkind behaviours. The fear of losing a job (or not being able to find another one) can compel individuals to stay in jobs where they are not being treated with respect, putting up with unacceptable behaviour.

Surprisingly, bullying is one of the greatest concerns in Canadian workplaces, causing severe damage at both a personal level, as well as to corporate profitability. Unfortunately, while Canadian Labour Law protects individuals from discrimination, it has yet to deal with workplace bullying. While it may be impossible to legislate respect, corporations that deeply believe in it find themselves with a truly competitive edge.  A healthy company can’t be all shiny on the outside and tarnished and bruised on the inside. It just doesn’t work any other way.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have employers truly committed to developing a respectful workplace. Aretha Franklin nailed it with her lyrics ‘ ‘R-E-S-P-E-C-T – find out what it means to me…’

~ Bradley Cuzen


One response to “Hire for attitude

  1. Thank you, Bradley. Respect is a very important virtue in the workplace and and yet is seldom recognized to its full potential.

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