Ask the hard questions. Fuel culture.

It’s hard for anyone to admit to themselves or to others that they aren’t perfect.  In this ‘keep up with the Jones’s generation it makes it that much more ridiculous to even consider getting off the treadmill. For businesses, this might seem like cultural suicide.

Common sense may go so far as to dictate that companies have a commitment to their stakeholders, internally and externally to strive for the closest thing to perfection.  While this may hold true in many situations there is a paradigm shift that is needed:  in order to be best in class at something you have to dig down and recognize that you must also accept that you need a counter balance of  being worst in class at something.

Wow. So the bandage is ripped off now. NOT good at something….Its really just an emotional obstacle, one that can be removed with a team prepared to look at the business differently and that is prepared to bravely go forward with a fierce and united discipline.  What can you afford to give up or stop doing? Or rather what can your business do better than the competition. What is essentially unique to your company and what do you not need to be better at than them? Reverse engineer what the company wants to be great at and it will be easier to decide what you can stop focusing on or remove all together. The upside is that your company will be transparent to the marketplace, customers will self select and your internal team will feel happiness and pride in their work.  This is powerful because deeply satisfied customers will further fuel your team’s culture.

Once clear on what you are prepared to be good at and not good at it is easy to move the team into alignment of a clear and united mission. Until a company is totally clear on it’s ‘great at’ and ‘bad at’,  it is hard to move the team forward. There will always be a disparity of focus and competing interests within the team. Out in the open and exposed, the team can really see the company for all that it is and that it can be.

There is nothing stronger culturally  than  a team with a united mission. Company – forward MARCH.

~ Sarah McNeill

photo credit: midiman


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