The 8th Habit

Peanut butter cup heartI had the privilege to see Stephen Covey speak on the topic of Effectiveness to Greatness and how it can apply to the relationship between employee and employer. While a remarkable speaker and author, some of the things he spoke of  were not new so much as he brought our attention to what we should have known all along.

Most employees experience considerable emotional pain working in their organizations, he says, because they are treated as objects, not full human beings. To find full engagement Stephen described this new paradigm as the Whole Person Paradigm:  mind, body, heart and spirit – not just the part that works from nine to five. This paradigm allows an individual to harness their unique ability  and find their ‘voice’. Essentially an individual who finds their voice is in alignment with clarity. Individuals focused with clarity are most able to achieve corporate goals set out in front of them.

And speaking of habits, at McNak we think chocolate is our 9th habit!

~ Sarah McNeill

photo credit: Bob.Fornal


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