Make it personal

hellomynameisSocial networking is great.  There, I’ve said it.

Connecting with like minded people on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can be valuable. It simply depends on how you make it work for you. Social media defines McNak’s culture.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with Gillian Shaw, Digital Writer for the Vancouver Sun, and I was able to provide my take on how McNak deals with social media policies and the use of social media sites with our employees.  I originally ‘met’ Gillian on Twitter.  Gillian wrote a great article in today’s Vancouver Sun on this subject. Interesting read.

I had the opportunity to meet Gillian in person today at the SOHO SME business conference.  She was speaking on a panel with Rich Patterson and Shane Gibson – “The Business of Social Media: How to Maximize Connections Using Social Communities on the Internet”.

I had also ‘met’ Rich Patterson of NinePointTen Social Media and Patterson Brands on Twitter, and was happy to meet him in person today.  Wherever you make those social connections – whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN etc. – there is nothing like meeting these great folks in person.

McNak embraces social media.  It keeps us connected to our community, and keeps the conversation flowing.  It also provides another avenue for new connections.  It’s just nice to make it personal once in a while.

~Jessica Rozitis


One response to “Make it personal

  1. How kind! It was nice to meet you too. I think Shane, Gillian and I really enjoyed ourselves. A very receptive crowd that highlighted for me: many people are still on the sidelines with social media. They have their reasons: uncertainty; time constraints; ROI; privacy; security, etc. I think McNak and I both agree: just jump in and give it a try…its the best way to learn.

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