Orchestra to office harmony

conductor hat

With my years of ballet training and participating as a board director for the Vancouver Opera I have a natural appreciation for the orchestra and for the magic of the conductor .  Earlier this year I posted the Benjamin Zander’s TED.com talk on The Art of Possibility.  There seems to be a pattern to the creative world of the orchestra and its ability to have a very cohesive, inspired team. On further notice, even one of our team members pointed out that our own Recruiters job titles are named Conductor. Such an appropriate fit as our Conductors are responsible for the smooth running of recruitment engagements! Our team chose this title many years ago when we looked at our business from 150 feet to see what the whole experience should look like.

Below are some of the key lessons Roger Nierenberg learned in his 14 years directing the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra in Florida.

  1. Lead, don’t cheerlead
  2. Share your perspective
  3. Encourage listening
  4. Say more with less
  5. Verify assumptions

Click here for the entire article.

“Leadership is really about listening and encouraging people to find their own creative way to perform,” Nierenberg says.

~ Sarah McNeill


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