Discover Your Leadership Blind Spots

Blind SpotsAt McNak we hear a lot about the positives as well as the challenges of organizations from the applicants we interview. And we think that employees have good ‘in-sight’ for the most part! This is an interesting and visually ‘easy on the eyes’ post from Business Week Magazine:

We all have blind spots—even the best and greatest of leaders. And too often those unproductive behaviors that are invisible to us but are glaring to everyone else create dire consequences for you, your team, and your company. Here’s a look at 10 common blind spots for leaders and managers, and advice for recognizing and overcoming them.

Click here for this interesting slideshow.

~ Sarah McNeill


2 responses to “Discover Your Leadership Blind Spots

  1. Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing. I was only able to see 3 common blind spots in the article (maybe it’s my blind spot?)

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