We’re in our teens!

13 cue ball

Monday, September 23rd, 1996.  That was the day our company was born.

Today, we celebrate 13 years of doing what we love, and doing what we do best….

Ever since that magical day in 1996 McNak has stayed true to its roots and continues to colour outside the lines. We are still crazy about positive experiences after all these years, McNak enjoys every day conjuring up new ways to make ourselves and others smile. And yes we will always be a remarkable staffing company, but we’d really just like  to make someone’s day a bit brighter.

Our commitment to fun lives on. Its just the McNak way.

Happy Birthday McNak!

~Sarah McNeill and Cheryl Nakamoto

photo credit: Thomas Hawk


2 responses to “We’re in our teens!

  1. And I’ve had the pleasure of working at McNeill Nakamoto for 6 of those 13 years! So happy to be a part of an amazing team and forward thinking company.

    Congratulations Sarah & Cheryl!

  2. Happy Birthday! Many thanks for your creative inspirations & positive energy =)

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