The results are in. We know who you are. But do you know your team?

Wonder Woman action figure So the survey says 53% of our blog readers are Influencer/Communicators. 20% of you are Dominant/Results oriented. What a power bunch! Hope you have at least one Compliant/Analytical on your team.

Consider this – a team with only great visionary thinkers but no one to lead them to the desired result.  All you have is one great party! To quote General George S. Patton, ‘If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.’

We were so interested in the effect of the right mix of people on teams that we’ve incorporated this into our business model so that we can help other companies capitalize on synergies. Our key Consultant on Talent Diversification, Sandra Mebs, says that ‘by measuring existing team dynamics you can gain valuable insight into who you need to have on your team.  This knowledge is so powerful when you are engaged in the process of building high performance work teams. ‘

So before your next hire, promotion or team building retreat, consider the personality traits on your teams and what might be missing that takes your group to higher level performance and overall happiness. Having the right collection of superheros on your team will make the difference.

~ McNeill Nakamoto


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