Brand YOU – Who do you think you are?

BRAND. Companies have them. At least, the good to great ones do. But have you ever considered if you have one and what people think about you? Some people might call it your image. We see it as far more than that. And the proof is found when good to great companies connect with you.

In these uncertain economic times, even though unemployment is relatively low, the best opportunities will be fewer and far between. That is the current reality. Companies will only bring on superstars that can positively affect their bottom line. If you are not clear on your brand, then you might lose out on some great opportunities.

What can you do? Consider how you can stand out from the pack. We’re not talking about buying a bright red tie or wearing edgy glasses, your brand can be found in taking time to shortlist your strengths and talents. What makes you feel most empowered? Perhaps it is from the compliments that you receive from others where you will begin to define your brand. What makes your memorable and irresistible to an employer? What makes you innately happy? Know these sweet spots and you will drawn to work that is best suited to you.

Your brand is also your track record, what your references say about you. Your consistent themes with those who work with you define your brand. Keep them updated on your career.  Make it easy for the references to rave about you!

Remember that your brand must be transparent in your social media. Who you are on line should reflect yourself in person. And while your brand may evolve as you progress through your career and life experiences, consider that what you show on line may be permanent. A recent article from Mashable, Are You Sure Those Photos Have Really Been Deleted,  highlights this exact challenge.

You define your own success. Who do you think you are? This is a question you should ask yourself at least yearly.  As you grow and evolve, the more you will understand yourself, your strengths and your vision of career success and happiness. This is a lifelong learning adventure! Expect it and embrace it.

Enjoy your brand!

~ Sarah McNeill


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