How to Leverage your Business with Temporary Staffing

You don’t need another hero. You just need to hire a temporary employee!

In today’s ridiculously busy business climate, some days it may seem hard to function effectively. Looking around your office you may see pile upon pile of projects that, while a priority, never get to your top 10 list. This is your ‘a-ha’ moment.

The preconception that temporary staff are to be used for vacation relief or as an interim holding pattern while hiring for a full-time position is so last year. Granted, you can and should utilize temporary staff to keep the flow of business moving in the absence of other staff, but have you ever considered how you could leverage your business with a temporary employee?

Temporary staff can be your secret weapon for business success. You don’t need to keep them forever. In fact, keep them only as long as they are needed. The best thing about using temporary staff is that it is exactly that – temporary. Talk about a great way to leverage your business in all types of markets. Don’t add what you don’t need. Utilize this flexible staffing option for days or months. If you no longer need the temporary employee, you call the staffing agency and the assignment will end. No more buyouts and long notices to work through. All employer responsibility is included in the hourly bill rate, and you don’t need to provide severance to terminate the relationship. Easy. Efficient. Flexible. Need we say brilliant?

Smart staffing companies are trained to help you pull together a profile of an individual that gets you through projects that have never officially been staffed by an employee. More great ideas can come from having this resource. Could you imagine having more time to actually take on your key business opportunities? The bonus with a temporary employee is that you will often have access to more qualified staff than you might expect. This could be a huge asset to maximizing your business’s productivity and bottom line.

Maybe you currently don’t have an executive assistant, or don’t need one on a full-time basis. A temporary executive assistant might be your perfect solution when you have one too many projects on the go, and things start to fall behind. Getting the right person in – for even a few weeks – can make all the difference and get you or your team back on track.

Consider a temporary employee with a specific skill set when only required for a unique project. The injection of new staff, even on a temporary basis, can bring new life to a team and in particular allow the full-time staff to get back to their top work priorities. And anytime you can regenerate your team’s productivity, you have a major win!

Have you ever been in a situation where the staffing company has provided such a great fit that you hire them on as a result of the temporary assignment? In many situations, hiring a temporary employee is indeed a great way to get to know how they function in your business environment before you make the commitment to bring them on in a permanent capacity. Many temporary staff are open to full-time work when the work environment is right. You will very often find a person doing a role that is not of their full-time interest or calling, but their flexibility and adaptability is a very good indicator of how they would fit into your corporate culture.

At the end of the day, a great fit within your corporate culture really makes the difference to the bottom line. With small yet important investments into your team mix, temporary staffing can produce returns on value in terms of productivity that are certain to be high. Perhaps, after all, you really will find some super-heroes in disguise!


~ Sarah McNeill


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