Welcome Party 101. Your new employee.

Imagine this. You are sitting alone with an outdated manual on your first day on the job, waiting to learn which will be your workstation. Your new supervisor has all but ignored you, going about their usual routine, dashing in and out of meetings. Welcome aboard.

Think back to your first day on the job and what that experience meant to you. The recent buzz in employee orientation is ‘employee onboarding.’ Just as first impressions are the key to the success of most businesses, so it goes in the world of new employees. Familiarity breeds contentment; so does a solid employee onboarding program as a tool to attract the best talent.

Companies with strong employment engagement track records have clearly defined employee onboarding programs. The best talent is drawn to environments where effective programs exist and are demonstrated by high levels of employee engagement and low employee turnover. While it’s common sense to invest in creating and maintaining these programs, too often they are overlooked.

By simplifying the onboarding process, employers can expect new employees to hit the ground running, and be able to contribute more quickly to a corporation’s success.

So, keep it simple and you are more likely to stick with it. A few things to remember:

  • Have your new hire’s desk ready with computer log-in, e-mail account and telephone system all up. Don’t forget about business cards.
  • Assign a buddy for the first month – nothing breaks the ice more than with a person familiar with the company’s culture and core values. Most importantly – to greet them when they arrive on their first day and show them around.
  • Take your new hire out for lunch on the first day – or coffee at very least
  • Need we mention a concise orientation book- what to know about your company
  • Define the deliverables for the new employee – give them a road map so that they can see their future with your company and feel a part of it.
  • Communication is key – give them a feedback loop and encourage feedback, they may have new perspectives to share
  • Inform your employees in advance of the new hire’s arrival.

Gain the reputation for having a strategic onboarding program which will encourage the best talent to be drawn to your company. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your welcome party initiative will most definitely provide long-term results.

~ Sarah McNeill


7 responses to “Welcome Party 101. Your new employee.

  1. Dead on! In my work as an Onboarding Coach, I support new hires in dealing with overwhelm and ramping up effectively in their new job. Here’s a research report on Top 10 Success Factors


    Also, people moving into a new job may want to check out LinkedIn Groups for support:
    New Hires- Clearing the 90 Day Hurdle
    New Leaders- Clearing the 90 Day Hurdle

  2. Hey Guys,

    Love the new blog! Keep up the great posts.

    This is a hot topic. I just finished reading an article in Maclean’s magazine that mentions the high expectations of Generation Y and specifically highlights their desire for a welcoming party.

    It’s all about that first impression!

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  5. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

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