Why I love mcnak

Let me count the ways….ok I won’t get Shakespeare on you.i-love-mcnak-sign-fortwitter

I couldn’t think of a better team to be a part of. Here’s why.

After 12 years of building McNeill Nakamoto, my business partner and I still can’t wait to get to the office each day. Just like coffee addicts that need their caffeine each day, we need our ‘mcnak’ fix! What stands out most when I think of our team is that everyone considers things from the heart. If it feels right, then it probably is. They care so much. When Cheryl Nakamoto and I started our company, our goal was to be a different kind of staffing company. We knew our competitor landscape, both of us had been clients as well as applicants at some point in our lives, and still there was no one else out there that even came close to catching our interest. So we had to create our own fun.

We thrive on getting our own attention. We love to be quirky. Quirky feeds upon quirky. I challenge who staffing company that thinks they have more fun than us on a daily basis. Fun is one of our metrics. Laughter is our meter. We love to make ourselves laugh for selfish reasons but we truly love the response we get from our raving fans. So much so that our fans were our inspiration behind mcnak.

At McNak, everyday is a great day. We believe that if we think this then we will experience a great day. And yes some days are more fun than others, but overall our ranking is very high for great days! Our client and applicant feedback reinforce that the work we do is meaningful. Hooray!

So that’s my first post. Cool.

~ Sarah McNeill


3 responses to “Why I love mcnak

  1. Re: Why I Love Mcnak – All things McNak

    Indeed, I wholeheartedly agree that every day is a great day. This is one of many reasons why I love Mcnak and the people involved.

    Obtaining feedback is one of the ways to validate your achievements. It brings forth a sense of ownership, engagement, understanding, and meaning. Moreover, it brings forth a dialogue between clients and fans to explore creativity, quirkiness, and share ways on how to make the day even greater.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post. I reccomend reading this article by George Kohlrieser. It’s a very interesting perspective on the differences between conversation and dialogue.

    Kohlrieser, G. (2006 September 15). The power of
    dialogue. Leader to Leader, 2006(42), 36-40.

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